Do you want a different and unique Ceremony?

Would you like to go beyond normal?... Los Cabos Minister Services, along with the BAHIA Hotel and Nautilus Divetech are offering the exlcusive UNDERWATER WEDDINGS in Cabo! You'll be surprised how easy is to live a wedding like this...! Contact BAHIA Hotel for more information and Booking. Check the video!

How to choose the right Ceremony?

What kind Of Ceremony do you want?

We can tell you that the only perfect ceremony is that one where you and your couple are enjoying your wedding SMILING and HAPPY all the time! 
Words are written just to confirm the love you express to each other. Different set of Ceremonies can make a ceremony more intense or deep. Or it may also be simpler and direct...  We provide different options to choose the right ceremony that will make you feel relaxed and identified... Let us know what your expectations are together and we can set your dreamed wedding ceremony!... Remember that we perform Non-Denominational ceremonies, but I can also perform requests like a ceremony including different main traditions, or it can be just a spiritual and romantic ceremony...
You can also improve your main event with special acts request like the UNITY CANDLE Ceremony, or the SAND Ceremony, or the ROCK Ceremony for example... It doesn't matter if it is a Wedding Ceremony, or a Vows Renewal act, we'll be honored to bring a special touch to your day...

Types of Ceremonies 

Sand Ceremony by Los Cabos Minister Services