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Let professional services like a real Wedding Planner make your big day a unique experience. Los Cabos is well known by the expertise and professionalism of their Wedding Planners. Please find below my recommendations in each area you might need help. My advise to you is not to try to control everything; you may loose the meaning of your day... 

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Getting Married in Mexico is a very simple process celebrating a non-denominational ceremony with family and friends in Los Cabos. However, it’s important to mention, that this ceremony will not substitute a Legal Marriage or Religious Marriage in your country of origin. It will be a symbolic ceremony. If you want to get a Legal Wedding in Mexico, valid in your country, you should fill certain legal requirements by the Mexican authorities. The same applies for a Religious Validation. I recommend you to get in touch with a Professional Wedding Planner to coordinate a Legal or a Religious Marriage, and then, you can also celebrate on the beach with a beautiful non-denominational ceremony performed by us. To find a Resort, check the the Dream Wedding Locations section and hotel contacts in Los Cabos Please take a look at our recommendations to get professional assistance in order to enjoy your perfect day! 

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