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You are taking the first step to have the wedding ceremony of your dreams!

Getting married is just the beginning of two people's story, starting to look in the same direction together... This day will mark the rest of their lives in before and after... It is our honor to be part of such a significative day... The reasons of this celebration are just the two of you, and that's why you have to enjoy your ceremony with anyone you wish to share it with... 
The vibrant love coming from couples getting married is our inspiration to perform these ceremonies and we will be honored to share this special day with you as a witness in your beginning into a beautiful life together.
We'll be more then glad to perform a non-denominational ceremony in this beautiful location of Los Cabos, México...
​ For information regarding availability and inquiries, please go to the Contact & Booking page.
We hope to see you soon on your special day!

​Sincerely yours,
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Minister Services for Wedding Ceremonies in Los Cabos

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Congratulations for your engagement!

Rev. Diego A. Vidal

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